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Short throw lens

4,000 ANSI Lumens

Full HD 1080P, DLP



The DH2360Z-ST is cost-effective laser projector weighted only 4.5kg, designed with low cost of ownership and maintenance for up to 30,000hours. Integrated DLP® Darkchip3 and BrilliantColor technology together ensure brilliant pictures, with optimal black levels and vivid, colorful images. The DH2360Z-ST is perfect for education application that require a high brightness, high contrast ratio and flexible installation with H/V keystone, and 4-corner adjustment. The DH2360Z-ST is built-in dual HDMI ports for sufficient connectivity and embedded with a 10W speaker to deliver stunning audio performance.


Key Features

  • The DH2360Z-ST supports DLP®chip3 and BrilliantColor™ technologies to ensure brilliant pictures, with optimal black levels and vivid, colorful images with a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 for high contrast, accurate, and vibrant colors.
  • Packed with up to 4,000 lumens of brightness and a high contrast ratio 3,000,000: 1, the DH2360Z-ST provides sharp and bight images in any environment with ambient light.
  • The optical system, from the laser light source to lens is completely sealed and rated IP5X for protection again dust ingress, ensuring consistent brightness over time with reliable performance and much reduced need for maintenance.
  • This DH2360Z-ST of HDR compatible projector is capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data and can provide a brilliant visual experience with more detail and texture when projected over long distance. With an HDMI 2.0 interface, this projector also supports 4K signals.
  • DH2360Z-ST with its short throw design can project up to a 150-inch large and clear image from a short distance to save the space.
  • The DH2360Z-ST projector is used laser light source for a long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, guaranteeing a long service life which greatly reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. This laser projector can automatically maintain constant and stable brightness over a long period of time.