Epson EB-695WI Interactive finger-touch projector


Epson EB-695Wi (with interactive)
3500 Lumens
14,000 : 1 Contrast ratio
Ultra short throw projection (80″ from less than 0.5 meter)
Built in 16 watt speaker
Lamp life up to 10,000 hours (eco mode)
Fingertouch Interactive
3 years warranty
1 year or 1000 hours on lamp


Epson 695Wi Ultra-Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector


Epson 695Wi Ultra-Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector



Take your audience on a breathtaking journey around the world through life-size panoramic images with the EB-695Wi ultra-short throw projector. Project longer than before with an astounding 10,000 hours of lamp life in eco-mode. Create panoramic projections and enjoy seamless interactions with just your fingers or with the interactive pens while you scroll, zoom, and draw across dual projections.


      • WXGA Resolution
      • White and Colour Light Output at 3,500 lumens
      • Dual Screen Interactivity
      • Finger Touch Interactive
      • Ultra Short Throw 80″ 47cm
      • 10,000 Hours Lamp Life in Eco Mode
      • Multi-PC Projection
      • 3 x HDMI


Image that Illuminates

High Brightness Even in Eco-mode

Reduce energy consumption in ECO mode with minimal impact on image brightness. When ECO mode is turned on, brightness will only be reduced to 2,900 lumens. That means you can still enjoy bright projection even as you save on energy costs.
Auto-brightness Adjustment

Save energy consumption and do your part for the environment with the eco-friendly auto-brightness adjustment. The luminance sensor detects the brightness level of the environment and adjusts the projector’s brightness automatically, giving you power and cost savings. This function can be turned on/ off according to your preference.
Panoramic Interactive Experience

Finger-touch Interactivity

Control your presentations and PC applications or navigate the modern touchscreen interface with the finger-touch enabled interactive projector. You will be able to point, swipe, draw, pinch in/out and rotate using your fingers, even when projecting wirelessly. When connected via USB cable to a PC running Epson Easy Interactive Tools 4.2 software, the projector supports six fingers and two interactive pens, allowing multiple users to write simultaneously for maximum participation and collaboration. When operating the projector standalone without a PC, the projector allows two fingers and two pens to write at the same time.
Dual Interactive Pens

The two new interactive pens are designed for high-speed writing, accurate response and long battery life. The high response speed and accuracy make drawing as instant and smooth as writing with a real marker on whiteboard. The pens can also function like a computer mouse to select, drag and double-click objects. Both interactive pens are able to draw at the same time throughout the whole screen with its own selected colour. Fingers can select a third colour or the eraser function to work on the screen together with the pens. The pens also come with a side button for users to instantly activate various assigned functions to facilitate the most convenient annotation experience.
Enhanced Audience Collaboration

Ultra-short Throw Advantage

With ultra-short throw, light from this interactive projector is less distracting as it barely touches the presenter, ensuring a more comfortable experience compared to conventional models. As light is not blocked by the presenter, less shadow is formed on the screen, allowing the audience to clearly see the information projected at all times. The ultra-short throw setup also ensures stable performance of the two interactive pens and provides consistent colour uniformity over the entire screen. These advantages keep the presenter more comfortable and enable clear, smooth presentations.
Versatile Projection

With ultra-short throw, it is now possible to project a large screen within the narrow space of retail windows. You can now create captivating window displays with the help of large projections to increase the visibility of store merchandise. The ultra-short throw projectors can also be flexibly mounted onto a table to create an engaging interactive tabletop for meetings and discussions.
Wide Range of Connectivity

Full Compatibility

Advanced connectivity features mean convenient and hassle-free projections of your presentations. Featuring wide-ranging interfaces, this projector not only corresponds with multiple conventional analogue sources, it is also compatible with HDMI and supports CEC. And with three HDMI input terminals, of which one is MHL-enabled for mirroring of Android mobile devices, you can connect to various devices and share contents from different sources easily. Simply connect your MHL-compatible device with the MHL cable to fully enjoy your contents on the big screen. What’s more, when connected, you can charge your Android mobile device and operate it using the projector’s remote control.
iProjection App for Mobile Devices

The iProjection app enables both iOS and Android devices to easily connect to the projector. You can use iProjection to wirelessly project various documents, photos and web pages, and draw on the device screen and share on projection. To connect, search for the projector in your local network or simply scan a QR code displayed on the projector screen. Remote control function is also built into iProjection so you can use the app to control projector functions. In addition, iProjection now supports screen mirroring (without audio) from devices running on Android 5.0 and above.
* In iProjection, projector profile search, multi-screen display, distribution function, audio transfer, movie file transfer, interrupt connection disabling and encryption data transfer capabilities are not supported.

** Wireless LAN USB dongle ELPAP10 is sold separately to enable projector’s wireless connectivity to PCs, devices and wireless network.

Split Screen

Split the projector screen into two to project images from two different sources simultaneously. With the maximum 100-inch large screen size, you can project images from two different sources side-by-side clearly. For example, you may show your presentation or document camera image on one side and write on the digital whiteboard on the another. With this function, there is no need to purchase two separate displays.
Multi PC Projection

Project from your laptop wirelessly using Epson EasyMP Multi PC Projection 2.0 software. Up to 50 laptops and mobile devices can connect to a single projector via this software. A laptop or device of the presenter can be assigned as the moderator and send a projected image with questions to all connected participant devices. After the participants write down their answers on the image and project them, the moderator can view thumbnail previews of the answers and select up to four of them to be projected on the screen simultaneously for sharing and comparison.
Convenient and Ergonomic Features

Home Screen

View and access your most frequently used functions immediately from the home screen. See all input sources at one glance and switch between them easily. For devices to easily connect wirelessly, the projector’s wireless network information and QR code are also shown on the home screen.
Auto Power On

With the auto power on function, projection starts automatically once a projection signal is detected via VGA cable.
Improved Control Toolbar on the Projector Screen

Conveniently access commonly used functions from the control toolbar projected on screen. Buttons available include Home, Print, Save, Image Share, Input, Zoom, A/V mute, Freeze, Volume, Split Screen, Timer, Document Camera and Power Off.
Enhanced Whiteboard Feature

Drawings and images on the projector’s digital whiteboard can be saved into a USB memory drive or printed via a network printer.
On-screen Control of Epson Document Camera

With greater compatibility to Epson document cameras*, you can adjust document camera functions like zoom, auto focus, image capture, rotation, video recording, etc. from the on-screen document camera control toolbar. These controls are enabled by just a HDMI connection. Now, you can easily control the document camera to achieve your ideal image without moving away from the presentation screen.

* Only applicable for ELPDC21/ELPDC13/ELPDC07 document cameras.
Longer Lamp Life

With a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in ECO mode, the frequency of lamp replacements is reduced, saving you time and lowering the total cost of ownership.
ECO Features

• Uses just 0.37W of power in standby mode

• Projector optics employ lead-free lenses

• Unpainted plastic housing reduces the environment impact

• The flame retardants used in the plastic housing do not contain chlorine or bromine

Better Products for a Better FutureTM

For more information on Epson’s environmental programmes, visit

Specifications Projector:

Throw Ratio Range: 0.28 – 0.37 (Wide – Tele)Lamp Type: 250W UHE


Power Supply Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz


Weight: Approx. 5.8kg

Projection Lens:

Type: No Optical Zoom / Focus (Manual)Focal Length: 3.7mmZoom Ratio: 1.0 – 1.35 (Digital Zoom)F-number: 1.60

Interactive Specifications:

Interactive Technology: Technology: Infrared
Interactive Pen Digital Pen (Easy Interactive Pen 1,2)
Fingers: Finger (1-6 fi ngers)Calibration Method: Pen: Auto / Manual (25points)
Finger: Manual (16points)

Main Parts Specification:

LCD: Size:0.59” (D9 C2fine)

Operating Temperature:

Single Use: 5 – 40 °C <41 – 104 °F> (0m / 0ft – 2,286m / 7,500ft) 5 – 35 °C <41 – 95 °F> (over 2,286m / 7,500ft) (20% – 80% humidity, No Condensation)Multi-projection Use: 5 – 35 °C <41 – 95 °F> (0m / 0ft – 2,286m / 7,500ft) 5 – 30 °C <41 – 86 °F> (over 2,286m / 7,500ft) (20% – 80% humidity, No Condensation)

Screen Size (Projected Distance):

Screen Size (Projected Distance): 60” – 100” [35.4 – 60.1 cm] 74.3” screen 44.3cm


White Light Output (Normal/Eco): 3,500lm / 2,900lmColour Light Output: 3,500lm

Contrast Ratio:

Contrast Ratio: 14,000:1

Internal Speaker(s):

Sound Output: 16W Mono

Keystone Correction:

Vertical/Horizontal: ±3° / ±3°Quick Corner: Yes


Network: Wired LAN RJ45 x 1 (100Mbps)
Wireless: Optional (ELPAP10)Analog Input: D-Sub 15Pin: 2 (Blue)
Composite: RCA x 1 (Yellow)Digital Input: HDMI: 3 (HDMI1 in common with MHL)Output Terminal: D-Sub 15Pin:1 (Black) In common with Computer2Audio Input: Stereo Mini Jack: 3Audio Output: Stereo Mini Jack: 1Control I/O: RS-232C: D-Sub 9pin x 1
Interactive Sync: Stereo Mini Jack IN x 1, OUT x 1Others: USB Type A: 1 (for USB Memory, USB Document Camera, Firmware Update, Copy OSD Settings)
USB Type B: 1 (for USB Display, Mouse, K/B, Control, Firmware Update, Interactive, Copy OSD Settings)


Microphone Input: 1

Operating Altitude:

Operating Altitude: 0 – 3,000 m <0 – 9,843 ft>

Start-Up Period:

Start-Up Period: About 8 seconds, Warm-up Period: 30 seconds

Cool Down Period:

Cool Down Period: Instant Off

Air Filter:

Type: Electrostatic FilterMaintenance Cycle*4: 5,000 hours (Power Consumption: Normal)
10,000 hours (Power Consumption: Eco)

Power Consumption (220 – 240V):

Lamp On (Normal/Eco): 354W / 309WStand By (Network On / Off): 2.3W / 0.37W

Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D):

Fan Noise (Normal/Eco): 35dB / 30dB / 29dBDimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D): 367 x 149 mm x 400

Connection To Computer:

Connection To Computer: USB, Network

Touch Unit:

Dimension Excluding Protrusion (DxWxH): 51 x 210 x 95 mmWeight: 450g

Wireless Specifications:

Supported Speed for Each Mode: IEEE 802.11b: 11 Mbps*3 IEEE 802.11g: 54 Mbps*3 IEEE 802.11n: 130 Mbps*3Wireless LAN Security: WPA/WPA2-Personal (with optional ELPAP10)

Direct Power On / Off:

Direct Power On / Off: Yes

Interactive Unit:

Functions: Hover, Right Click, Auto Adjust Pen Area

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